Required Forms

You will need to download, fill out and scan the forms below before submitting your pitch.

Supervisor or Nominated Academic Approval Form

Talent Agreement



  • Applicants must be an Australian university PhD candidate or early career researcher up to five years from conferral.

  • UA will be guided by the ARC DECRA funding rules when considering eligibility including career interruptions.

  • The awards will be presented during the Universities Australia Conference, taking place in Canberra from 2-3 June 2021.  The winner will be asked to attend this event, pending COVID-19 restrictions.

University Students and Professor
Editing & Post Production

Video Requirements

  • Videos must be a minimum of 60 seconds and a maximum of 120 seconds. A 10% leeway may be accepted at the discretion of the judges.

  • Video and sound quality must be of an acceptable standard as determined by the judges in order to be shortlisted for some awards.

  • It is preferred and highly recommended that videos are in a 16:9 format.

  • Videos must be uploaded to either YouTube or Vimeo, and be must be visible to the public, sharable, with the embed option enabled.

  • The original videos must be available in either AVI or MP4 format upon request by the competition organisers.


Judging Criteria

Judging criteria will be used to shortlist the entries and to determine the winner of the Vice-Chancellor’s Award.  The criteria have been designed to reward a video that can clearly communicate the research and why it matters.

  • Is the video engaging, well designed, creative and able to capture the audience’s attention?

  • Is video suitable for a non-specialist audience and is it free from jargon and technical or unexplained terms?

  • Does the video provide the background and significance of the research question being addressed?

  • Is the video clear, and does it provide the information in a logical sequence?

  • Does the video describe the key results and outcomes of the research with clarity?

  • Does the video leave you wanting to know more?

  • Does the researcher explain their research and why it matters?