University research has the power to enhance our economy, improve our societies and better the world. But how do you get the world on board with your research and the potential benefits it could deliver?  You need to Pitch It Clever!

Pitch it Clever is an annual competition run by Universities Australia, challenging early career researchers to communicate their research and why it matters to non-specialist audiences via video.  2021 will be the competition's fifth year.

Your challenge is to create a one to two-minute video that clearly unpacks research and how it can be applied.

This is a communications challenge; we want you to take expert information and communicate it clearly and in a way that captures an audience’s attention. Describe the problem or challenge, your findings and how they translate.

Your video needs to capture the attention of not only university leaders, but industry, government, potential donors and the public.

A selection of university Vice-Chancellors will judge shortlisted videos to determine the winner of this coveted award.


Submissions have now closed.


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