Meet your judges for the Vice-Chancellors' Award

Headshot of Professor John Dewar
Headshot of Professor Margaret Gardner
Headshot of Professor Geraldine Mackenzie
Professor John Dewar AO
Vice-Chancellor, La Trobe University
Chair, Universities Australia
Professor Margaret Gardner AC
Vice-Chancellor, Monash University
Professor Geraldine Mackenzie
University of Southern Queensland

Judging Criteria

Nail these criteria and push your pitch to the front.

Our judges will score each pitch out of 30: up to ten points each for impact, clarity and creativity. Check out the below prompts for your best chance at taking home an amazing award.


Keep us glued to the screen

Will viewers be engaged the whole time?

Teach us why it matters

Does your what, how and why come across simple and meaningful? Does it demonstrate why your research matters?

Leave viewers wanting more

Will viewers be left wanting to know or learn more?


Avoid jargon

Is it easy for anyone to follow? Does it avoid specialised terms?

Get to the heart fast

Does it follow a great storytelling form and get to the essence of your research?

Make it easy to tell others about

Will viewers be able to recount it to their friends and family?


Find your pitch's 'thing'

Does it do anything unique to stand out from the crowd?

Strive for production value

Is it well designed and technically executed? If not, does its presentation try something creative? Does it pull off both?